First Resignation from the Borissov Cabinet Demanded

First Resignation from the Borissov Cabinet Demanded
: Former Minister of Environment with the UDF Cabinet Evdokia Maneva keeps on behaving like a minister in the CEDB government as well

Due to the environment ministrys decision to start two projects for gold extraction through cyanide technology, the Bulgaria without Cyanides coalition will insist on the resignation of Deputy-Minister of Environment Evdokia Maneva

Bulgaria News | 20.10.2009 15:25

Coalition Bulgaria without Cyanides will protest in front of the Ministry of Environment and Waters on November 3, demanding the resignation of Deputy Minister Evdokia Maneva due to the permits for extracting gold through cyanide technology, issued to Chelopech Mining (daughter-company of Canadas Dandy Precious Metals) and Gorubso Kardzhali. We have no objections versus the new minister of ecology, but we will demand the resignation of Evdokia Maneva. She is a familiar face as minister of environment in the cabinet of Ivan Kostov (UDF), and we see she is openly lobbying for company interests, Vassil Kadrinov from the Green Party in Bulgaria, which is a member of the coalition, told Bulgaria News. Environmentalists protest for years against the intentions for gold extraction through using cyanides in the towns of Chelopech, Kardzhali, Kroumovgrad, and the other more than 30 deposits in Bulgaria, that could get developed. The casus with Dandy grew scandalous not that much for the technology wanted, but rather for the deliberate silence of former minister Dzhevdet Chakarov on the issue, thus bending the hands of the company to grant to the state 25% of its profits.

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