NMSPs Refreshment Comes through the New Faces in the Party

NMSPs Refreshment Comes through the New Faces in the Party
: Personal archive Former MEP Biliana Raeva thinks NMSP has lacked party construction

Biliana Raeva*: The moment is raping for finding common answers on how to go forward, and this cannot happen without rendering an account why we have reached to here. We must fundamentally change the way NMSP is organized as a party.

Rositza Tzoneva | 13.10.2009 16:35

We are to meet before the congress face to face many people who have been disappointed and who will for sure have their questions. We are to see if we are ready to deliver honest, truthful, sincere answers. And at the congress what will be will be. Electing a new leader, to me, is not that important. NMSP will always have one leader who is both moral and spiritual leader of the party and this is His Majesty Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Undoubtedly it is important who would chair the party from now on. Yet not the position determines his or her weight and influence, but the will for work, the will to change the way of working in the party the decisions to be made in the center and then dropped down the chain at places.

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