Ivan Iskrov To Govern BNB Another 6 Years

Ivan Iskrov To Govern BNB Another 6 Years
: ctualno.com BNB Governor Ivan Iskrov is sure to be re-elected for the position.

Critics of the Central bank governor accuse the ruling of protecting the banking system lobby in NMSP and ask what has the ex-kings party sacrificed and at what price it has convinced BSP to agree to Iskrov keeping the helm of the state bank

Elena Markova | 27.05.2009 21:27

Current Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank Ivan Iskrov is the firm candidate of the tripartite coalition to be re-elected for another 6-year term in office. On Tuesday, May 26, his application was formally filed with the administration of the Parliament on behalf of the three parties in the ruling coalition the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the ethnically Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms, and the centre-right National Movement for Stability and Prosperity (NMSP). The decree is expected to be voted in plenary hall Thursday the last day of actual work of this National Assembly, and to be supported by not only the majority, but by some MPS from the opposition, too. NMSP deferred on practically everything in order of keeping its candidature for NMN head, and Im asking myself what dictated this probably a huge resource is raffled somewhere, Executive of D Bank Stoyan Alexandrov commented for Bulgaria News. Elaborating he had nothing in person against Iskrov, Alexandrov pointed out he was principally opposing political assignments for such positions, for which more suitable experts existed.

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