Bad Credits Reached BGN 3.5 Billion

Bad Credits Reached BGN 3.5 Billion
: Housing credits upped by 1% in October as compared to the previous month

Banks reduce once again the volume of credits allotted, but head to slight interests cut

Bulgaria News | 25.11.2009 12:01

Bad credits reached BGN 3.48 billion as of end-October, statistics of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) shows. The total amount of overdue debts of citizens and companies to banks is now 9.08%q as compared to 8.15% in September. In the last month the most significant increase is with bad and restructured housing credits, growing by 15.3%. Overdue mortgage loans total to 8% of all credits allotted by banks, and the largest share of delayed payments falls to consumer credits 10.5% of all granted. Some 8.84% of companies credits are also overdue, BNBs data shows. According to the statistics, the increase of the total volume of credits granted by banks to businesses and consumers amounts to almost BGN 145 million as compared to September a growth of 0.29%. As of end-October the growth of credits for the corporate sector (less overdrafts) is of BGN 17.5 million or 0.08% versus a month earlier. Consumer credits grow by BGN 92.3 million, or 1.23%.

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