Each Second Unemployed Sacked or Laid-off

Each Second Unemployed Sacked or Laid-off
: az.government.bg 52% of all unemployed have left jobs due to lay-offs or dismissals, the statistics show

63.1% of the active population works, which is by 1.9% less as compared to the previous year, data of the NSI shows. Unemployment among youths of up to 24 is 16.5%

Bulgaria News | 23.11.2009 19:29

194.7 thousand people have lost their jobs in the third quarter of 2009, data of the National Statistics Institute (NSI) for Q3 shows. This comes to 83% of all unemployed, and the share of those leaving their latest jobs due to firings or lay-offs ups from 43.1% to 52.7%. In the third quarter the number of jobless stands at 234.5 thousand 127 thousand men and 107.5 thousand women. The unemployment factor is 6.7%, up by 1.6 points as compared to the same quarter of 2008. In the reviewed period the unemployment rises among the two genders: by 1.8 points among men, and by 1.2 points among women. In the same time the difference at unemployment rates by residence remains significant. In villages the unemployment rate is of 9.7% - by 4 points higher than in cities (5.7%). Jobless youths (15-24 years of age) are 48.1 thousands. The youth unemployment rate comes to 16.5%, combined from 16.9% among men and 15.9% among women. The number of unemployed of less than one year unemployment increases by 54.9% as compared to Q3 of 2008, and comes to 135.8 thousand people in the third quarter of 2009, while the number of those of lasting unemployment (of one year and more) remains almost unchanged during the period reviewed. The long unemployed are 98.7 thousand people, or 42.1% of all unemployed. The coefficient of lasting unemployment stands at 2.8%.

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