Dramatic Penalties for Healthcare Fund Draining Adopted

Dramatic Penalties for Healthcare Fund Draining Adopted
: frognews.bg Doctors reporting non-delivered services will pay the state up to BGN 10,000

Doctors reporting non-accomplished medical services will pay fines of up to BGN 10,000. Between BGN 2,000 and BGN 8,000 shall be the fine for employers saving on social payments, the amended Healthcare Insurance Law reads

Elena Dimitrova | 19.11.2009 18:52

Hundredfold up the penalties for reporting non-delivered medical services and documents falsification by doctors and hospitals, decided the Parliament at approving at first hearing amendments to the healthcare Insurance Law. Doctors reporting to the National Healthcare Insurance Fund (NHIF) services that have not been actually completed and demanding from it money for those shall be fined with BGN 5,000 to 10,000. The sanction for hospitals forging documentation or demanding money from patients for services paid for by the Fund ups to BGN 15,000. Punishments are also envisaged for doctors and medical entities not completing the full volume or quality of the services financed by the Fund. Up to now the fines for such violations were of BGN 90 for doctors and BGN 630 for hospitals. In cases of brutal offences such as systematic draining of the Fund through reporting dead souls NHIF was entitled to terminate its contract with the offenders. Now such an option is not available, but all penalties shall be registered in the Law, and not in the frame agreements between the Fund and the Doctors Union. This means that the state would have bigger chances to collect them. The sanction shall be implied by a new Agency for Medical Audits with the Healthcare Ministry, instead of by the NHIF, as was so far.

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