Parliament Passed Crisis Budget

Parliament Passed Crisis Budget
: MPs understand the seriousness of the situation, thats why they backed the budget without comments, Minister of Finance Simeon Dyankov thinks

Except for Co-chair of the Blue Coalition Ivan Kostov, MPs showed no interest to debating the theme of the states money distribution. The draft-bill is expected to get corrected between its two hearings

Elena Dimitrova | 17.11.2009 16:44

There is a risk the economys shrink in the next year might be underestimated with the current variant of the 2010 state budget, Co-chair of The Blue Coalition Ivan Kostov warned. He only took part to the debate on the Law on the State Budget before its approval at first hearing in the Parliament. Kostov, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, and Minister of Finance Simeon Dyankov shared similar opinions over how difficult it is right now an exact planning of the states future revenues and expenses to be composed. The Blues leader appealed for guaranteeing the fiscal stability and proposed some state agencies to be closed or transformed, such as the Agency for Post-Privatization Control, the State Commission for Information Safety, and the Bulgarian Bank for Development, and to get merged in, correspondingly, the Privatization Agency, the State Agency for National Security (SANS), and the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). These ideas are not alien to finance minister Dyankov, who explained to himself the rush through the debate as understanding the seriousness of the situation by MPs, who, by the way, behaved the same during the discussions on the document at the budget and economy parliamentary committee.

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