White-Collars Lay-Offs to Swallow Millions

White-Collars Lay-Offs to Swallow Millions
: Bulgaria News Each minister will get a smaller piece of the meagre pizza for the next year, but it will at least be guaranteed, Simeon Dyankov explained

BGN 30 million is accumulated in the agriculture ministry only from unused leaves, Minister Miroslav Naidenov informed. Next years budget will not have a 10% buffer and will not include costs for European programs and projects

Elena Dimitrova | 28.10.2009 18:55

State administration dismissals might hurt additionally the accounts for next years budget. Compensations of over BGN 30 million are to be paid out in the structures of the Ministry of Agriculture alone for non-used leaves, Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naidenov said after the regular weekly session of the Council of Ministers. The information was demanded by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and within a week all ministers of the cabinet are to supply such. For example, the head of Executive Agency for Hails Control had not used 220 days due leave, for which he should now receive over BGN 18,000 compensations. To Miroslav Naidenov, this is yet another bomb set to CEDBs government by the previous rule. We will not give up administrative reform because it is needed, not that much for saving spending, but for the administration to become more effective. The budget for the next year provides money for compensations to dismissed employees, but its first to be seen how much of the compensations due for unused leave are actual and for how many of them the legal terms have expired, finance minister Simeon Dyankov explained. Despite all ministries but for these of environment and sports have voiced objections to next years budget, after talks on it until late last night, today all ministers voted the document unanimously.

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