BGN 30 M Saved From Municipal Projects

BGN 30 M Saved From Municipal Projects
: Deputy Minister of Regional Development Lilyana Pavlova signed the agreements on 18 municipal projects under the Regional development Program

The mayors of 18 municipalities signed the contracts under Regional development Operational Program to the total amount of BGN 133 million. EC warns Bulgaria we are back on projects under ISPA

Bulgaria News | 21.10.2009 20:56

The mayors of 18 municipalities signed today their agreements under the Regional Development Operational Program. The projects that were reevaluated were under the measure Assistance for Urban Environment Improvement and amounted to a total of BGN 133 million. Straight after taking office Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Rossen Plevneliev stopped the funding of projects under the program for BGN 163 million due to overweight costs. The ministry pointed out that due to the economy crisis construction materials and services prices have dropped, and local authorities reduced the prices of the projects offered by 15% to 25%. The money saved after the reevaluation will be directed into new municipal projects, as according to the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMRB) over 80 municipalities have already drafted proposals for urban environment improvement, but only 18 of them are receiving financing now. A free resource to the total of BGN 110 million remains under the measure, for which the rest municipalities may submit projects by January 8, 2010.

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